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  The company information

Bakery-confectionery company “Glutenex”, with its seat in Sady near Poznań, is a producer of special nutrition articles of consumption, non-gluten (marked with a crossed ear), low-protein (with PKU symbol ) and for diabetics ones.

The company’s assortment contains bakery and confectionery articles such as bread, rolls, crackers, pastas, biscuits, wafers, ginger-breads, brioches, sponge-cakes and many others. The company’s products are made only on the bases of natural ingredients which mostly come from import (guar gum
, corn starch, wheat starch). Specific technologies make the products identical to the traditional ones.
In the non-gluten products the gluten level content stays under l mg/

The non-gluten food is for people with absorbtion disorders. The illness can be inborn – coeliac disease , in which keeping the strict non-gluten diet is necessary for the whole life, as well as aguired one, in which gluten elimination is temporary (for instance food allergies).

Non-gluten, low-protein articles are for children and adults who are intolerant of proteins, mainly phenylalanine. The disease called phenyloketonuria demands keeping the strict diet for the whole life. Giving up the non-gluten and low-protein diet drives to diarrhoeas, low hight and weight, or even to psichic disorders.

In the products for diabetcs sugar (saccharose) is substituted by half-synthetic sugars (sugar substitutes - poliole). It causes reducing an organism requirement for insulin which effects in repressing the development of the disease. From the twenty seventh of November 1995 the company employs adults and teenagers with different diseases and disorders. “Glutenex” gives the above-mentioned emploees good work conditions and a chance to work out the probation to get the right for disability payment.The company’s products reach detail and wholesale recievers, education and health care institutions in the whole country. The products are sent to clients by the means of the company’s transport, post office, and other transport companies. Orders can be made via telephone, fax or e-mail with two-three days in advance. There is also an opportunity to buy the products in the company’s shop.

The company priority goal.
MaintainingHigh and stable quality of the products and customer service to give satisfaction to customers and develop and strengthen the company’s position on the market.

The company’s quality policy.
The company’s quality policy is production and sale of the highest quality articles which fullfil all dietetic food requirements and reaching customers respect and satisfaction.We want our food to reach everybody who needs it.

The company is under strict sanitary regime both inner control, that is HACCP ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and outer one, that is PIS (National Labour Inspectorate).

The company is certified for the quality system with PN-ISO-9001:2001.

In the year 2001 ZPC “Glutenex” recieved the prize of Wielkopolska Quality Prize in the categopry of medium business for the aquired level of managing by quality (TQM)

The “Glutenex” products are fully safe for health for the people who are on the non-gluten diet..
The ingredients – wheat and corn starch are produced by a renown German company – “Cerestar”, guaranteeing the highest quality and constant protein and gluten content under the required by the Food Regulations (Standard Codex for “ Non-gluten Food” – 118-1981) level.

This confirmed by the research carried out by Department of Immunology in The Children’s Health Institute in Warsaw.

Non-gluten wheatstarch usage is technology substanitiated and derives from the Polish nutrition traditions.

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